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  • Jason Wicklund

Our favourite trends of 2023

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

When the new year comes around, we at Paint Stage Sell like to think renovations over resolutions.

Whether it's a small change like new throw pillows or a fresh coat of paint (in one of the paint colours of the year, more on that in the next blog entry!) or a big change like remodelling your kitchen or bathroom, kicking off the year with a focus and a new project to tackle can re-energize your space and bring in a fresh new feel to your home.

So with that said, here are some of the top design trends of 2023 that we're excited to see, broken down per room:


A move away from the "safe" white kitchen into bolder choices of tile and cabinet colour. We're excited to see rich jewel tones pop up on backsplashes and a penchant towards more luxurious (or luxurious-seeming) finishes like porcelain instead of expensive natural stone countertops and glossy tiles.

Black accents are also trending in the form of matte faucets, black stainless steel appliances, and black hardware. For a softer look, incorporate Scandi-style pale wood floor or wood accents in the form of slatted, reeded or pole-wrapped textures.


The graphic, high-contrast trends of the past few years are giving way to more subtle and natural selections. Think tone-on-tone tiles and earthy, organic colours and materials to create a relaxing oasis.

The shift is towards warm colour palettes, light wood tones in ash, maple and pine, and organic materials such as marble, limestone and cement create inviting and serene spaces to retreat to, and there's a focus on the tactile as well as the visual with etched, knurled and embossed elements (elaborate faucet handles and gleaming fixtures) that contrast nicely with the raw and organic materials they're paired with.

Living room and bedroom furnishings

Everything curved is in this year! sharp, severe lines are giving way to rounded couches, sofas and chairs in knobby fabrics like bouclé, wool and soft linens, velvet, suede and faux furs. Round mirrors, overstuffed throw pillows and curved decor items are popping up in furniture stores everywhere. This trend works especially well with a soft, warm colour palette and tone-on-tone accents where layering textures and shapes gives a room depth and a cozy, inviting feel.


We've always been strong advocates of sustainability in building, painting, decorating and the works, and we're happy to see it resonate so deeply this year. There is a growing consciousness of knowing how and where our products are made, as well as a desire to recycle, re-use and refurbish vintage and finds over choosing "fast design" - cheap furniture made with harmful materials to the environment.

Whether it's making handmade decor items yourself, reviving items found at vintage or antique stores, or shopping small on sites like Etsy, the focus towards sustainability is here to stay.



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